Kids Yoga

Jenna specializes in Yoga for Kids and teens. She teaches kids/teen classes at elementary schools and studios all over the East Bay.  By teaching kids yoga early on, Jenna's intention is that they will grow into healthier, happier, more well rounded adults; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Jenna's kids classes incorporate age appropriate yoga poses, cooperative games, breathing and relaxation exercises. Development of self-expression and body-awareness is taught in a non-competitive, jovial environment. By practicing yoga regularly kids gain strength, flexibility and learn self-regulation and focus.


After School Programs

Currently Jenna is teaching yoga after-school programs for kids ages K-5th at Lafayette Elementary, in Lafayette, Tice Creek Elementary, in Walnut Creek, and Kaiser Elementary, in Oakland. Contact Jenna to find out about offering kids yoga at your school. 


Yoga Camps & Group Sessions & Parties

Jenna has worked with Yogaworks, Nike, Wee Yogis, Kaiser Permente, and Warriors Basketball team to bring yoga to kids around the Bay Area. Group sessions can range in length from a day, a week, a 6-8 week session once a week. Jenna has also taught group sessions with Girl scout groups, sports teams, at children's parties and for charity. Jenna is committed to bringing yoga to children of all ages in all different communities.  Please contact Jenna to set up classes for your kids and their friends. 


Private Instruction 

For thousands of years yoga has been taught one-on-one, teacher to student, unlike the usual group class setting that we've become accustomed too. Working with a teacher in a private session is extremely effective because the entire session focuses on your child's individual needs, desires, health goals and concerns.  Especially now with more and more reliance on technology, Jenna believes kids needs yoga as much as their parents to thrive in our modern high paced world. Jenna has experience working with child athletes, children suffering from anxiety, and kids on the spectrum. 

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world with in one generation. -Dalai Lama