Jenna possesses that rare combination of compassion and precision, delivering insight, challenge and joy in each class.  Her teaching reflects a deep regard for the lineage of yoga, and a profound respect for the human spirit. -Lakshmi

Jenna is a sensitive, intuitive and extremely competent yoga teacher. She clearly understands and incorporates the mind/body aspects of the practice. After every session I not only feel like I got a good workout, but I also feel more relaxed and content. Though I am a novice at yoga, I am impressed with the way by which Jenna is able to create a class that seems (to me ) to be both physical and mental therapy. -Tim

Jenna is all around a very talented teacher. She fosters a positive environment, great for personal exploration and learning. She also has a detailed understanding of each pose. Jenna’s sequences are well thought out and bring you into the next phase of each class with grace and style. Practicing with her is always a treat.  -Julie

I feel like I'm in great hands with Jenna. She has such a calm demeanor and easily instructs us into poses and reminds us to breath with each movement. I love how she creates our movements to flow into other movements effortlessly. My body feels so good after her class and I sleep like a baby. I always look forward to her class.There's a genuine happiness that flows out of me as I'm rolling up my mat, that euphoric feeling. -Tom

Jenna covers all the body parts I need to feel good for the day. Her soothing voice promotes calm. She pays attention to her clients' injuries and concerns and makes sure we know how to modify positions to suit our needs. -Peggy


Jenna is an artist and yogini based out of Oakland, CA. She took her first yoga class, in high school, to gain more flexibility and relieve typical teenage angst. Now, 13 years later, she has been practicing yoga ever since.  After graduating college, Jenna went on to complete two highly regarded teacher trainings with YogaWorks and Wee Yogis.  Jenna believes that yoga is a practical tool, that does not have to be overly complicated or mystical. She shares her love, knowledge, and respect for this ancient science of self-discovery and healing, in an easy going way that people will find applicable to their day to day lives.  She is very passionate about empowering her students with tools they can use to thrive in this modern, high-paced world with less stress and greater ease. Jenna is deeply grateful to her teachers Mynx Inatsugu, Lakshmi Norwood, and Richard Rosen.


Jenna teaches yoga to help others cultivate vitality and strength in their body, and confidence in themselves. More than anything Jenna believes that yoga is a journey inward, and has come to realize that the greatest benefits of yoga are not physical, they are mental, emotional and spiritual. Jenna strives to impart an element of mindfulness into her teaching, she encourages students to cultivate and maintain a state of concentration, to lay the framework so that the deeper work of yoga can be done, should the student so choose. 


 Her style brings together a combination of compassion and precision, there is an emphasis on correct alignment while also allowing the freedom for self-inquiry. She teaches energizing flow classes, that emphasize asana (physical postures) to teach students proper form, to build physical resilience, strength, and flexibility, and to develop more functional movement patterns. She also emphasizes pranayama (breath work), presences, and self-awareness. Her demeanor is relaxed and light-hearted, yet focused. Jenna's hope is that you will leave the class feeling centered, energized, and more peaceful than when you came in. 


500 Hour Yogaworks Professional Teacher Training Program

95 Hour Kids and Family Yoga Teacher Training 

100 Hour Ayurveda Wellness 

First Aid and CPR certified